Leave Room for Dessert!

It’s really hard to leave so space for dessert, but trust us, you will regret it if you don’t.

Get Used to Fish and Seafood

Countries alongside the Mediterranean Sea take advantage of their surroundings (aka. The sea), so fish and poultry should be your main proteins.

Sardinian Rotten Cheese

This “maggot” cheese has been banned in the European Union, but Sardinians still enjoy it.



Most travelers go to Iceland because of the breathtaking landscapes, the surreal auroras, or whale watching. The island isn’t really famous for the food, but it should be because its traditional cuisine is inventive and unexpected.

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You can’t really talk about Austrian food without mentioning the Wiener Schnitzel, it’s basically the country’s most famous dish.

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Most Popular interesting stories: how to Eat Like the French!

French fashion is held as a standard people should aspire to, French women are thought of as an ethereal yet elusive ideal, and, of course, the French diet is presented as the end-all-be-all of all diets every couple of years.