Best European Destination for Foodies

Europe isn’t just for sightseeing. Yes, the landscapes are amazing, and the museums, filled with historically important artwork, are breathtaking. But the eternally evolving European culinary scene is what brings together any trip through the oldest continent.

Foodies will delight in all the diversity they’ll find jumping from one place to another, sometimes even within the same country. And another plus? Their Instagram feeds will be filled with delicious and intriguing shots, that will put to shame all other vacation photos. If this sounds like something you want to try, we have a list of countries you can’t miss on your next euro-trip.

Italy for Pastas and Pastries

First up in Italy is Bologna, famous for its food markets. No trip to the city will be complete without a visit to the Quadrilatero where you can find local wine, pasta, fish, charcuteries, pastries, and vegetables. And of course, you’ll have to try the typical pasta with Bolognese sauce and delicious parmesan.

Surely, the most important Italian city when it comes to foodies is Rome. Here, visitors will be surprised by the simplicity of the dishes in contrast to their full rich taste. The local specialty is Cacio e Pepe, which is nothing more than Pecorino cheese, black pepper, and spaghetti, yet the way it’s prepared, makes anyone think it has many more hidden ingredients. It’s just unbelievably tasty for such a simple dish.

Croatia for Truffles

Croatia may not exactly ring a bell for foodies, which is a shame because the country has amazing and surprising dishes all around. Croatia has a very rich history, and that translates into a versatile cuisine. Its time under the Ottoman rule has lead to amazing treats like sarma and burek. Thanks to Venice, they also have a lot of Mediterranean influence. While its Austrian-Hungarian roots lead the way to goulash and dumpling dishes. So, yes, when it comes to fine dining in Croatia, there will be a lot to choose from, but we haven’t gotten to its best-kept secret yet, the truffles. Croatia has a long history when it comes to truffles, so they’ve learnt how to integrate the delicacy into intricate dishes. Travellers are encouraged to book a truffles tour that will take them through the history of the treat, and even show them a real-life hunt!

Spain for Tapas and Wine

Just inside Spain, there are three must-see regions for foodies: Galicia, Catalunya, and the Basque Country. Galicia, specifically Vigo, has an amazing wine offering and mouth-watering seafood. Travellers should reserve enough time to visit the local food markets usually sourced by Pescatinas (fishermen of the area). In Catalunya, whether in the smaller towns or in Barcelona, be sure to attend a Calcotada, an al-fresco grill typical of the area. In the Basque Country, San Sebastian is the place to be, it’s even known as the continent’s food capitals by many foodies around the world due to all the Michelin star restaurants they have. In San Sebastian, you’ll have to try the pinchos. And remember that, whenever you’re dining with locals in Spain, meals will usually last a couple of hours, so be prepared!