Foods You Should Try in Hamburg

Traveling around the world and visiting new places is incomplete without a gastronomic tour of the country’s food culture. Other than commenting on the culture, livelihood, and gourmet tastes of the people in the country, going on food tours in the places that you travel to is simply an enjoyable experience.

Sausage and Potatoes

In food geography, Germany brings to mind sausages, beers, pretzels, and schnitzels. However, just like any other country in the world, the individual regions and cities of Germany each have their own offering or character profile when it comes to food. On the northern part of Germany, Hamburg is a very important port. Here is a short list of iconic food that tourists must try while visiting the German city of Hamburg.

Healthy Hamburg Dish: Grünkohl

Grünkohl is both a healthy and delicious dish, especially since it features kale, a superfood. To make the dish, the cooks would stew kale for several hours until it is served with boiled or fried potatoes, two types of sausages, and smoked pork. Winter is considered as kale season in the area where friends do cabbage tours, doing drinking games, and finishing the day with a serving of Grünkohl.

A Savory Meal of Labskaus

Labskaus is a meal traditionally eaten by fishermen and sailors. This savory meal is made up of several ingredients, which include pickled gherkin, fried egg, herring, mashed potatoes, onions, and corned beef. An interesting fact about this meal is that variations of it could be found all over Scandinavia and one in Liverpool, the United Kingdom, where they call the dish “scouse.”

Fish Dish: Finkenwerder Scholle

This dish is a traditional one and was named after a former fishing village in the area. This fish dish is prepared for this dish by pan-frying or baking the fish with onions, shrimp, and bacon. It is one of the most widely purchased and consumed fish in the areas by Germany’s Northern sea.

Fischbrötchen – A Fish Roll Snack

As a port city, you can expect a lot of seafood-based cuisine in Hamburg. One of these is this tasty snack, the Fischbrötchen, which is basically a roll of bread with fish. It is typically made with soused herring or pickled herring mixed with onion, remoulade sauce, and pickles. The exciting thing is the flavors and ingredients vary slightly between food stands. You can choose between crabmeat, shrimp, fried fish, or fish patty for your meat.

For Dessert – Rote Grütze

Other than savory dishes, Hamburg has fantastic desserts as well, and top among these is the Rote Grütze. This dessert was brought to the region by the Danes. It is made from red summer berries which are served with vanilla ice cream, milk, or vanilla sauce. Red is the common and the traditional color of the Rote Grütze. However, some restaurants and cafes in the city serve blue, green, and yellow varieties.

Rote Grütze
Rote Grütze

Franzbrötchen and Freshly Roasted Coffee

Must-try foods in Hamburg also include franzbrötchen or simply, a French roll – a bread very similar to the famous croissant. They are customarily served with cinnamon and sugar, but at present, pumpkin seeds, marzipan, or chocolate is also acceptable. Make sure that you partner the rolls with a steaming cup of local coffee, a product of the city’s thriving coffee industry.