Party Like the Swiss with Rosti – Swiss Cuisine

Comfort foods are unique to everyone. The cozy and warm nature of the meals provides a sense of security when consumed. For many people, comfort foods have different textures. What some people find comfort in dense textures, some like it smooth and soft. The Swiss Rosti is comfort food of sorts to many who have tried it, mainly the Swiss. It’s known for its ease to prepare and has potatoes as its chief ingredient.

The History Behind the Meal

At first, when the dish was created, it was the main meal, especially breakfast. The farms from the Swiss canton of Bern worked very hard in the fields and need carbs to fuel their bodies. Potatoes were always readily available and in plenty as well. The tubers are perfect for the smooth consistency of the dish and are usually cooked by the grating and before transferring onto the stove. The two main components of the Swiss Rosti are:

  • Potatoes, and
  • Butter

While some people like the potatoes half cooked and grated, some like it well done and smooth. If you try the dish in Zurich, it is usually made from quarter boiled potatoes rather than well-cooked ones. The recipe for the Rosti is not genius. Instead, it is simple and easy to make and most importantly provides comfort. While visiting Switzerland, it’s tough to say that one restaurant serves a better version than the other. They all have a unique flavor and cooking methods. The dish is incredibly common in Switzerland that it is now considered to be the National Dish of the country. The right way to pronounce the Rosti is ‘Rer-stee’. You can look up the recipe for the dish, but in all honesty, the dish is too simple to put down a recipe for it. Making the dish has always been simple and easy ‘add grated potatoes to butter.’

The Variations Over Time

Over time, people have found various ways to spice up the simple dish. From adding bacon to adding caramelized onions, the meal is served up to entice the tastebuds of the patrons. While many American breakfast bars serve up Rosti, the traditional taste of the dish is lost the minute anything else, but butter and grated potato are added. People have found that if the potatoes are half cooked, there is less water that is released to make it splutter when added to the butter. The firm skin of the potatoes is usually left intact when grating the tubers. Depending on the type of potatoes that is used in the recipe, the crispiness of the dish differs.

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The recipe as such is simple dollops of grated potato is added to butter on a skillet and flipped over on each side to be cooked. You can make your version of the Rosti by adding anything else you like with it like cheese, eggs or even spinach. Making Rosti is easy, and with the least effort, comfort food can be dished out onto plates for anyone to enjoy any time of the day. Children are known to like the pure nature of the dish especially.