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The Iconic Sachertorte Cake from Austria

The Iconic Sachertorte Cake from Austria
The Iconic Sachertorte Cake from Austria

The sachertorte cake is known to be the most honoured Austrian chocolate cake all around the world.  This exotic cake has three layers made of chocolate flavoured sponge cake, in between these three layers, on top and the sides of the cake are slathered with apricot jam. The whole cake is covered with a generously thick amount of creamy and smooth molten chocolate. Then the cake is chilled and served with a side of whipped cream.

How The Cake Came to Be

In 1832 the cake sachertorte was first baked by the chef Franz Sacher for the state chancellor of Austria, Prince Clemens Metternich. The prince who loved to try and explore new sweet and savoury dishes demanded that the chefs go and create an original cake recipe. So, orders and rules were sent to the kitchen to be obeyed. But unfortunately, the head of the kitchen was currently unwell, and his team of acquaintances and other chefs had no clue on what to prepare for the prince. So Franz, the sixteen year old apprentice chef, slid up his sleeves and got to work on a new cake recipe with the available ingredients, which was later on called as the ‘Sachertorte Cake’. Franz also created other recipes that made him an inspiration to other chefs, he oversaw many cafes and restaurants. In 1876 the prince’s son, Eduard opened up a hotel called Hotel Sacher.

The hotel was basic, but Eduard’s charismatic and cigar smoking wife was the one responsible for making it into one of the country’s most well-respected hotels for people like diplomats and aristocracy. Soon after Eduard’s death, his wife Anna Sacher became the manager to the restaurant. Under her management, the hotel Sacher soon became one of the most elegant and finest hotels in the world, but by the time of her death in 1930, the hotel was already a national franchise. In the year of 1965 for some unknown reason, the son of Eduard and Anna, Franz Sacher Jr sold the original recipe copy to a luxurious coffee, allowing the opposers to bake a rival torte.

Fighting Through Lawsuits

Later that year lawsuits were filed as both Demel’s pastry café, and Hotel Sacher had taken credit for creating the savoury Sachertorte. They were engaged in this lawsuit for an unreasonably long amount of time. The higher officials that were in charge of their trial went in favour of Hotel Sacher as the rightful creator of the Sachertorte Cake, whereas Demel’s were compensated for being satisfied with Original Eduard Sacher torte. The significant difference is that in the Sacher’s recipe, the jam lies in-between two-layer of chocolate sponge cake while the Demel’s version of the formula is where the jam is smeared on top of the chocolate sponge cake but covered with the smooth and creamy molten chocolate.  The original Sachertorte recipe has not been leaked or disclosed to the public due to trademark laws’ protection, but attempting to try your own Sachertorte recipe with slight alterations, a twist or a surprise flavour in your cake.