The Must-Have Austrian Dishes

Austrian food is understated yet delicious. There is a tendency to assume that the only adventurous cuisine can be found in far-off corners of the world; or if you seek something new and exciting, perhaps give the vivid States a visit. However, the old continent has something to offer as well. Austrian cuisine has been a literal melting pot of cultures. Its most famous dish, the Wiener Schnitzel was originally from Italy, while the flavorful Austrian coffee was a result of the Turkish invasion to Europe. So, gastronomy in this Eastern European country is so eclectic even the pickiest eaters will be able to find something they’d like.

Most common dishes are poultry based and combine a myriad of flavours and textures from all over Europe. Expect lots of savoury dishes and make sure to make enough time during your trip to take at least one culinary tour, or even a traditional cooking class. It will be absolutely worth it and tie your entire trip together. These are the dishes that you must try no matter what:

Wiener Schnitzel

You can’t really talk about Austrian food without mentioning the Wiener Schnitzel, it’s basically the country’s most famous dish. Though nowadays you find modern versions of the Schnitzel made with chicken or pork, the traditional one is made with veal. And one more thing: it’s served with jelly and potato salad, so don’t fall into the trap of ordering the Americanized version served with fries and ketchup. The last thing you need to know, is that Austrians are not playing when it comes Schnitzel, usually the veal will be huge. Go in with an empty stomach, this dish is humungous!

Soulful Soups

Austria is the promised land for soup lovers. You’ll find lots of clear soups, which are made out of a basic (but full of taste) broth, accented by dumplings or pancake-like cuttings. While the broth is relatively simple, the main ingredient it’s what gives them that extra, unforgettable, taste that anyone will taste buds will fall in love with.

Though, soups vary from region to region, the most common extras for the broth are egg puffs, pork leg, Griessknockerls also known as semolina balls, and Palatschinken which are made from a mix similar to the one used for crepes but are a lot thinner and cut in thin slices before mixing with the broth.

Leave Room for Dessert!

It’s really hard to leave so space for dessert, but trust us, you will regret it if you don’t. First up is the world-famous Apfelstrudel, aka. The apple strudel, another inheritance from the Turks. This is made with a delicate strudel dough that needs to be spread thin with lots of patience and hardwork, which results in a mouth-watering dessert.

Another staple of Austrian dessert is the Gugelhupf. A spongy, sweet, cake made famous by Emperor Francis Josep and a must-have for enjoying the afternoon tea all over the country. But if, for some reason, you could only try one Austrian dessert, we, hands down, recommend the Topfengolatschen. This pastry is Austrian’s take on cheesecake. It’s a danish filled with a delicious soft cheese. You just can’t leave the country without enjoying these sweet pastries with an afternoon tea.