Up and Coming European Chefs Everyone Should Know – Part 2

Anyone who’s ever tried to wow guests with a dish knows how hard it is to actually master a recipe to the point of impressing others. It’s really easy to mess everything up and going beyond expectations is not something most can do by just following a recipe. Moving someone through food requires a lot of expertise and an intimate, almost magical, knowledge of how to mix ingredients to elevate their flavors to new and exciting levels.

In Part 1, we met two incredible chefs who do just that, and a lot more. They are changing the culinary landscape of the world by taking simple, everyday ingredients and transforming them into unforgettable dishes. On this second part, we’ll meet three of their colleagues and what makes them special:

Floriano Pellegrino

This Italian chef has been working with his brother in their own restaurant for the past year. His talent is so impressive he actually made the Forbes’ list of 30 under 30 in 2018. Pellegrino travelled all over the world studying his craft before returning back to Italy and opening Bros, his restaurant. The two brothers are enamoured with local ingredients so working with 0 kilometers produce is kind of a motto for everyone working at Bros. They embrace the local flavors and traditions but aren’t afraid to experiment and add fun twists on local favourites.

Sara Lewis

Looking for a chef that’s conscious about sustainability and low-waste? Sara Lewis is the girl to watch out for. Lewis is head chef over at The Pilgrm, a very chic, well-reviewed, hotel in London. She was trained by Bruno Loubet, a chef celebrated for his inventive use of vegetables and known for avoiding the use of meat due to its problematic and destructive nature. Lewis continues the legacy of her mentor by striving to be as sustainable as possible, using local ingredients, and serving a varied menu of vegetables in fun ways. She’s also designed a really international menu filled with dishes from all over the world that she executes flawlessly.

Ellen Parr

This self-described “nice British girl” takes the dining experience to a whole different level. Ellen has been successfully creating quirky pop-up restaurants for quite a few years now. Her company, The Art of Dining, has had many different iterations depending on what she’s exploring with her culinary skills.

Along with set designer, Alice Hodge, Parr creates a short-lived themed restaurant. Everything is accounted for, from the quirky set-up with kitschy designs to the amazingly locally sourced dishes she creates for the occasion. She’s even recreated the dishes from her father’s, Martin Parr, photographic work in the past. And on its latest iteration, she’s been bringing her own take on traditional Chinese food to London.

These chefs are all rapidly becoming household names throughout the world. Their passion for food, skillful combinations, and desire to celebrate local ingredients and sustainable cooking makes them favourites amongst their guests and critics alike. Make sure to keep an eye out for them on your next Eurotrip, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to taste one of their dishes.